Longview Employees

We are glad that you are a member of our TEAM! Regardless of your position, you’ll find that we need and value your commitment to creating memorable experiences for our Members and Guests who depend on us to provide the highest quality of products, along with superior service.


When will I get paid?
Employees are paid every other Friday. Paychecks are distributed by your manager after 12 pm on Friday paydays. Checks cannot be picked up before that time.

How do I sign up for or change my direct deposit?
Go to www.portal.oasisassistant.com or visit the accounting office in person. Direct deposit additions and changes can take up to two payroll cycles to process.

I moved! How do I change my address on file?
Go to www.portal.oasisassistant.com or visit the accounting office in person.

There is an error with my paycheck. What do I do?
Please contact your hiring manager asap with the details of the error.

When am I eligible for benefits?
Benefits for full-time employees beginning 60 days after the date of hire or change to full-time status. Please contact the accounting office or your manager if you are eligible and have not received the benefits packet.

How do I view my paystubs and employee information?
All Concert employees register during Onboarding for an Oasis/Paychex employee account. On Oasis you can find your pay information and pay stub history, tax documents, benefit elections, and more.
If you are not aware of your Oasis/Paychex Login information or do not remember fully registering your account with Oasis/Paychex, you can contact Oasis support at: 1-800-822-8704 or complete the “Forgot Username” option on the Login page.

How do I sign up for employee lunches?
E-meals are served twice a day (11:00am and 4:00pm). No sign up is required. Meals will be available for pickup on the service line at the designated time.

How do I request time off?
If you need to request time off during your regularly scheduled availability, you must complete and submit a Time-Off Request Form to your hiring manager or department head. Time-Off Request forms can be found linked on the employee webpage, or in the office file box just outside the Accounting office.

About Longview –
The history of Longview dates back to the 1800s when it was first known as The Longview Black Jack Farm. In 1953, Mel Graham's father purchased a small portion of the property as an annex of the Graham Dairy Farm. Decades later, Mel started purchasing any land that attached to his Dad's small farm and eventually assembled over 1,000 acres.

In 2001, Mel put the vision of The Club at Longview into action. As Jack Nicklaus stood on this property and looked at the gentle rolling hills with its pines and hardwoods, its creeks, ponds, and nature preserves, he said, "It's as if it was always meant to be the home of a great golf course." Two years later, on October 20, 2003, The Club at Longview officially opened!

In 2022, Concert Golf Partner was chosen as the long-term successor for the Club, bringing with them an infusion of capital which has translated to a variety of updates and projects for the facility. Concert's insistence upon excellence and quality along with a fantastic staff are some of the many things that will continue to make Longview a special place.


Time Off Request Form

Open Positions

If you are interested in another position at the Club, please let your supervisor know. You may view all open positions by clicking here.

If you know someone who is looking for a great place to work, please send them our way!

Bonus Opportunity

It's no surprise that we are growing, but did you know you can help AND GET PAID FOR IT!? There are only six people on our acquisitions team but over 3,000 employees! By connecting us with your network and providing a lead, you can earn up to $25,000!

Bonus opportunities are available to all Concert Golf Partners team members as follows:
  • $100 – Deal team has a call with the board member or owner of the club that you refer
  • $1,000 – Deal team receives financial information for underwriting from the club that you refer
  • $25,000 – Deal team acquires the club that you refer
Reach out if you are connected to a private country club that you think may be a good fit for Concert. It's ideal for us to have the name of the club, name of a board member/owner of the club, and contact info along with an introduction to these individuals. BUT EVEN JUST THE NAME OF THE CLUB WILL DO!

If you're unsure if a club meets the criteria, still reach out! It's a bonus opportunity for you and we would love to hear from you!

Christian Dunn
Director of Corporate Development
[email protected]